Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How to install Ubuntu 11.10 ? How to dual boot Ubuntu 11.10 with Windows ?

If you are on windows, then the simplest way to install Ubuntu 11.10 is to Install using Wubi (Windows Ubuntu Installer).

Installing Ubuntu using Wubi is like installing any other application on windows. The procedure of installing Ubuntu using Wubi is same as any other application you install on windows. You just need to download the setup and run it. Thats all. You will be prompted by visual wizards and then you just have to follow the on screen commands.

Wubi lets you install and un-install Ubuntu from Windows Environment through Windows Control Panel.

Wubi adds an entry to the Windows boot menu which allows you to select Linux on every restart. Ubuntu is installed within a file in the Windows file system, this file is seen by Ubuntu as a real hard disk. That way the hard drive does not have to be repartitioned before the Ubuntu installation. The resulting Ubuntu installation is a "real" Linux system, not just a virtual machine.

Step 01: Downloading the required files:
There are two ways to install Ubuntu using Wubi. You can either let the Wubi installer download all the needed files for installation on-line at the time of installation

Or first download the files yourself which will be later used by Wubi and then start the installation off-line.

I recommend you to go for Off-line Installation as it reduces the risk of disconnection at the time of installation. But if you have High speed Internet (1-2MBPS) then I think it might be easier to install Ubuntu via On-line download.

You can get the Wubi setup for Ubuntu 11.10 here :

Here is a screenshot that explains the On-line downloading and Installation Procedure:

Step 2: Installing Ubuntu 11.10:
For those who wants to install Ubuntu off-line, they have to download an additional file along with Wubi Setup. Here are the Links :

Wubi (Windows Installer):
Ubuntu 11.10:

After downloading, copy these files to desktop. Put these files into a "New Folder".
Disconnect the Internet (Its important).
Start the Installation Using Wubi setup (Double click on it).


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